The Overflow #112: Psychological safety for high-performing teams

Welcome to ISSUE #112 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: the importance of psychological safety, dynamic programming for beginners, and a ridiculous island where crypto-bulls can relax free from skeptics and naysayers.

From the blog

Psychological safety is critical for high-performing teams stackoverflow.blogWe provide an overview of the topic and explain how to evaluate the environment inside your organization.

The complete beginner’s guide to dynamic programming stackoverflow.blogForget design patterns; learn a way of thinking that breaks a problem down into individual components.

Next stop, Cryptoland? (Ep. 411) stackoverflow.blogThe home team talks about Cryptoland, “the first physical crypto island,” which has drawn fyre (oops, fire) from people trying to figure out whether it’s a real project, a parody, or a scam.

Free OB Data API: Connect your bank account to Google Sheets promotionThis tool allows you to connect your bank account to Google Sheets. You can use it to fetch your banking data and analyze it. There are many great budgeting apps out there, but let’s be fair—a spreadsheet is a spreadsheet.

Interesting questions

If you travel in a car at nearly the speed of light and turn on the car headlights, will it shine in gamma light instead of visible light?“Let us forget about the physics of your car and the road for this question.”

Is After Dark compatible with Windows 10? superuser.comHow badly do you miss having flying toasters as a screensaver?

Highlight a Wordle guess codegolf.stackexchange.comThe world’s tiniest Wordle. How small can you rewrite it?

How can I kill spiders while suffering from arachnophobia? lifehacks.stackexchange.comWe do not recommend Googling the words “Huntsman spider Australia.”

Links from around the web

Pay attention to WebAssembly harshal.sheth.ioWhen a technology is growing this fast, it’s worth keeping an eye on.

The “best” way to manage icons in React.js benadam.meThis post shares some solid approaches to managing the prolific icons in your codebase. 

Yet another hot take on “folders versus tags” obsidianroundup.orgYou know you want to argue with us about it.

GDPR enforcer rules that IAB Europe’s consent popups are unlawful iccl.ieThe ruling has major implications for data privacy and online advertising.

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