‘Age Of Empires 3’ adds co-op historical battles

Forgotten Empires has updated Age Of Empires 3: Definitive Edition with a cooperative mode that allows two players to complete historical battles.

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To access co-op in Age Of Empires 3, players will need to go to the Historical Battles screen. Here they can select a mission and host it as a co-op game. Players will be able to add passwords to ensure only their friends get in, or can leave it public and let anyone join.

The new mode will take place in existing Historical Battles, which have been updated for co-op play, as explained in a Steam post. (Via PCGamesN) Missions will now have AI designed to face two opponents instead of one. Players who own DLC missions can host and play with friends who do not own that DLC content. The complete list of missions is below:

Requires only the Base Game:

Algiers (1516)
Christopher Da Gama’s Expedition (1542)
Chuvash Cape (1582)
Raid on the Caribbean (1586)
Fort Duquesne (1754)
Battle of New Orleans (1815)

Requires The African Royals DLC:

The Battle of the Three Kings (1578)
Fall of the Hausa (1804)
The Era of the Princes (1855)

Requires the United States Civilization DLC:

The Burning of the USS Philadelphia (1803)

Requires the Mexico Civilization DLC:

Grito de Dolores (1810)

Requires both the United States Civilization & Mexico Civilization DLC:

Battle of Queenston Heights (1812)

The update is available for Age Of Empires 3: Definitive Edtion on Steam now.

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