United offering $15 back for inflight PayPal purchases

If you happen to be flying United in February or March, you can get $15 cash back simply by paying for any inflight purchase using PayPal’s QR code function. This translates into free premium drinks and snacks on board.

To get this offer, you’ll need to download the PayPal app and obtain your QR code ahead of time if you don’t wish to pay for internet on board the plane. A data connection is not required to pay as long as the QR code is downloaded to your phone.

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How to set up PayPal QR payments (Image courtesy of PayPal)

In the PayPal app, set up your payment preference for paying with QR codes in the wallet tab. You’ll then be able to select a payment card for QR code purchases. If you have a Chase United card, you may even be able to trigger an additional 25% cash back.

When inflight service reaches your row, you’ll be able to choose to pay with a QR code even if your phone is in airplane mode. Just tap this option on your phone, choose the inflight purchase option and have the flight attendant scan the code. It’s that simple.

The deal Paypal United collab. (Photo by Summer Hull/The Points Guy)Paypal United collab. (Photo by Summer Hull/The Points Guy)

The offer is valid for inflight purchases on United flights through March 31, 2022, however, it is limited to a total of 16,666 rewards so it could expire before this date. You’ll get a $15 cash back reward for your first eligible purchase and there is a limit of one reward per account. While the terms don’t indicate a minimum purchase to activate this offer, we believe the purchase will only trigger a reward for the amount you spend up to $15.

Searching United’s inflight menu, you can get a snack box for $8, beef jerky for $5 or a cocktail for $9-10. Mix and match to maximize the $15 reward on your next United flight.

The way that sign reads suggests to us that if you have a Chase United card linked, it could also trigger 25% back.

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(Image courtesy of PayPal) Bottom line (Photo courtesy of Summer Hull / The Points Guy)

While there’s no such thing as a free lunch, this is as close as it comes. If you have a smartphone and you are flying United in the near future, try out this $15 reward promotion by paying for inflight purchases with the PayPal QR code functionality.

Featured photo by Summer Hull/The Points Guy.