‘Sifu’ will soon have difficulty modes and other accessibility features


Sifu will be receiving a number of accessibility updates which will include difficulty modes and closed captions.

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During a Twitch Gaming stream hosted by accessibility advocate, Steve Saylor; Sloclap co-founder, Pierre Tarno, laid out plans for Sifu.

Tarno explained that the studio worked with CapGame and Game Accessibility Guidelines to implement what is currently available in the game. From there, he plans to make things better for accessibility. This includes implementing closed captioning that subtitles the ambient sounds surrounding the player. There was also a mention of potentially pausing the game during dialogue. That way, players can follow the story more easily without having to fight at the same time.

Adding difficulty levels to the game is also being considered. This follows Tarno previously saying that the game won’t have difficulty options because “we want Sifu to challenge players”.

Other updates include fixing a number of bugs such as HUD size breaking subtitles and issues with remapping controls breaking inputs. As reported by Can I Play That?, a new high contrast mode will be added to PS4 and PS5 versions of the game too.

In NME’s review of Sifu, we called it an ‘early game of the year contender”. We praised how smart it is at delivering “tone and atmosphere”.

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