ITS Officially Offering NFT Morale Patches

You may have seen the news recently on how hot the market is for non-fungible tokens, (NFTs). In fact, an artist recently sold an NFT piece for $69 million! Today, we’re proud to announce that ITS is entering the digital age by offering NFT Morale Patches!

Now we’re still a little shaky on how the tech actually works, but we think we’ve got a pretty good system worked out. Our first release will be the digital-only version of the ITS Honey Badger Morale Patch (NES Colorway).

Here’s the purchasing process. You pay us $69USD for the NFT Morale Patch, then you can right click the official master copy of the patch below and click “Save Image As.” VERY IMPORTANT: Do not follow these instructions until you have sent the payment for the NFT.

Click here to purchase the Official ITS Honey Badger Morale Patch (NES Colorway) NFT!

Now you may be asking, “Why would I buy a digital morale patch?” Well there are several compelling reasons!

1. You can look at it on any device! (As long as it shows pictures.)
2. Space saving! (It doesn’t clutter up your pockets.)
3. Could be super valuable one day! (Because of something called “Blockchain.”)
4. Check the date of this publication, you know what day it is right…?

If you just absolutely have to have a regular ol’ physical version, you can click here.

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