Fueling The Creator Economy With A Partnership with Kakao’s Klaytn And An Incubator Program

NFTs which you are already familiar with has a huge range of possibilities for business, influencers, creative artists, freelancers, brands to capitalise on something that wasn’t possible before. Seamlessly across borders, anybody can monetise “memberships” and gives “hodlers” incentives for being part of a community. Imagine writing and submitting an article on Hackernoon and it becomes an NFT. With every click of it, it is able to trace back to you as the writer and royalties from ads and impressions are split accordingly and allocated to you.An influencer seeking to form a strong bond might launch an NFT membership with his/her followers. Hodlers of these NFTs get exclusive access/updates of the influencer and most importantly, the possibility of earning royalties from his/her work which generates income from brands and sponsorships.Say hello to the Creator Economy! This is possible because of blockchain and we see this as the main source of livelihood of the future. Blockchain has come a long way since Bitcoin debuted and went through the technology cycle where technology went ahead of time, lots of skeptics, doubts and uncertainties. Monetary value takes over and often drives adoption.You will definitely see more creative business models/economies springing up with blockchain technology advancing. At F10, we are part of this exciting adventure teaming up with Klaytn, the public blockchain arm of Kakao. And we want you, Web 3.0 startups to join us in the driver seat at the forefront to buidl a better and unimaginable future.The virtual sky’s the limit!