4 NFT Projects for Spirituality Enthusiasts

The non-fungible tokens (NFTs) market has grown significantly over the years. Today, NFTs have become a hot-ticket item for different individuals and companies. Everyone's trying to get their hands on these tokens!NFTs have also become a hit among promoters of spiritual projects. Essentially, these projects look to connect their users with their spiritual side, and they use blockchain in different ways to achieve that goal. As a fan of meditation and reading star signs, you'll be glad to know that there are several NFT and blockchain projects that are guaranteed to grab your attention. It's all one big industry, and your inclinations are welcome.That said, let's take a look at some of the most interesting applications of blockchain and NFTs in the meditation and spiritual space and see what soul related projects are set to explode in 2022.HeartMandala by PixmandalaArtHeartMandala is an upcoming non-fungible token (NFT) drop from uTwynLab – an international team of knowledge seekers trying to use technology to build products that appeal to everyone by digging deep into their souls. uTwynLab uses recent advances in personality psychology to create algorithms that output distinctive NFT based art pieces tailored out of users’ personal details. Each mandala then serves as a charm that assists one for life. Mandalas are geometric configurations of symbols – that serve as spiritual guidance tools and help with meditation. Deeply inspired by Jung’s research, the team is about to release HeartMandalas – their first collection of NFTs built on the Ethereum blockchain.According to uTwynLab, HeartMandala NFTs would harness the divine positivity of mandalas. Each NFT mandala consists of a specific generative track, a special message, and "272 pixels of love, good vibes, and prosperity." All the NFTs are therapeutic in their visual representation and are meant to bring healing to an otherwise ailing world.HeartMandalas are part of the PixMandala Art project. It takes data from each user – specifically, their birthday, wedding anniversary, or any other date used for metadata. Then, the project's algorithm creates an NFT using this metadata to make the perfect, tailored art piece. It is also worth noting that each PixMandala collection is accompanied by a music track, each note of which is also generated by the algorithm based on the data you input.  SolMandalas SolMandalas is the first live algorithmically-generated NFT collection on the Solana and Arweave blockchains. The NFTs were created to help owners find peace and power in our chaotic world. The SolMandalas collection contains 2,495 algorithmically-generated Mandalas. Each of them comes with different properties that support the characteristics and personalities of its holder. The collection includes several dynamic artworks that enhance the spiritual state of its holders. As expected, each SolMandalas NFT comes with a different code, permanently stored on two of the current most popular blockchains. The artworks are dynamic, spinning during the daytime and becoming more stagnant at night. Holders will be able to see the changes in the NFTs with time, making these artworks more dynamic than regular NFT collections. The beauty of SolMandalas is that they're not just normal NFTs like CryptoKitties and Bored Apes. These NFTs consider your characteristics!  The fact that they are live NFTs means that you can expect to see something different whenever you open your portfolio, especially during the day. With different shapes, functions, and colours, each SolMandalas NFT is unique in its own right.Currently, live on the Solana blockchain, each piece goes for the small price of 1 SOL.Meditative Mandalas The Meditative Mandala NFT collection is an excellent option for any fan of spirituality and meditation.Also drawing from the "Mandala" moniker, these NFTs are as unique as they come. There are currently 25 NFTs in the collection, and each one has a couple of special attributes. As explained earlier, Mandalas are an impressive meditative aid. These geometric circles come from the Indian and Tibetan regions, where Buddhis and Hinduism are the dominant practises. Several other religions – including Christianity – have incorporated Mandalas as well. While Mandalas can be paintings or drawings, the pieces in the Meditative Mandala collection depict paintings. Each NFT has its specific name and attribute, and you can find different variations of a single design in different colours and patterns.TEZOS MandalasSelf-upgradable blockchain protocol Tezos has also leaned into the NFT space.  Built to be a faster and better version of both Bitcoin and Ethereum networks, Tezos bills itself as a next generation blockchain and the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus protocol has become a darling in the crypto space.The Tezos Mandalas come with a unique attribute. They are all generative art projects, which allow individual users to create their unique digital mandalas as NFTs. These Mandala-themed NFTs are created and stored on Tezos – one of the most reliable blockchain platforms in the world right now.The Tezos Mandalas collection features 1,124 NFTs and provides users with an interesting way of getting an NFT. To get started, head over to the Tezos Mandalas page, click on "Get Mandala" at the bottom of the images. Pay a small transaction fee. The price is pegged at 5 XTZ. The smart contract will generate a Mandala seed, and then store it on the block chain.Users will then have to send XTZ – the Tezos blockchain's native token – to their smart contract account. The price of each Mandala will continue to increase by 5 XTZ for every 100 NFT pieces sold until the first 600 Mandalas NFTs are sold. From there, the prices will increase by 5 XTZ for every 70 NFT pieces sold. The final 5 NFTs will be sold for 100 XTZ. Conclusion NFTs are perfect for application in the spiritual and meditation space. They depict artworks that have meanings – not just for the creators but also to the buyers. Such NFTs inject real purpose into the industry, which is hard to come across given how congested the space is with meaningless art with no reasoning behind it. Out of all the collections mentioned above, perhaps it is the HeartMandala that stands out. It uses real-world data and is a package of both visual and aural experiences, which makes it a very unique proposal.