240 Lifestyle Post Ideas to Gain a Massive Audience

Are you a blogger looking for lifestyle blog post ideas?

I love lifestyle blogs because they give you a glimpse into someone else’s life and personal interests.

When I find a blogger that I can relate to, I can’t help but lap up their content!

While these blogs are more passion-driven than business-driven, that’s not to say that you can’t monetize them.

When you’re sharing your life, you can also share the products you love or the services you use.

From there, you can become an affiliate and make some money!

In fact, I have a post about lifestyle blogs that make money. Go check it out!

But before you run off to start a blog and make money, you need some good lifestyle post ideas.

Before I get into the whopping 240 ideas I have here for you, let’s look at lifestyle post topics so that you can better identify your niche.

Lifestyle Blog Post Categories

Since these types of lifestyle sites are curated from the daily activities and experiences of others, they can cover a wide range of topics such as:

Fashion and beauty
Food and drink
Family and parenting
Health and Wellness
Movies and Television Shows
Special events
Home Decor
Personal Development
Self-Care for Moms

Some lifestyle blogs combine some of these while others combine all of these!

Knowing what niche (or topic) to focus on all depends on the audience you want to reach.

For example, if you’re writing for moms, it makes sense to write about parenthood but moms are also interested in things like fashion, home decor, and technology.

If you want to reach out to fellow travelers, you’ll obviously focus on travel but you can include food and drink, fashion, and finance.

The important thing is to not go blog crazy posting about everything that comes to your head.

To avoid this, I’ve organized these awesome lifestyle blog post ideas into categories to give you an idea of how one niche can explore all kinds of topics!

Here we go!

Fashion and Beauty

Fashion and beauty blogs cover everything from clothing and accessories to hairstyles and makeup tips.

You can focus on trends or everyday routines – the possibilities are endless!

My Favorite Beauty Products
My Daily Beauty Routine
Quick and Easy Makeup Routines
The Best Skin Care Products
Seasonal Essentials For Your Wardrobe
The Cutest Mommy and Me Outfits
My Latest Shopping Haul
Comfortable and Stylish Outfits for Working From Home
Day-to-Night Outfits on a Budget
This Year’s Top Fashion Trends

A travel blog doesn’t have to focus on jet setting around the globe.

It can also provide tips and tricks for having a staycation or taking a road trip. These blogs tend to be quite visual so be sure to include lots of pictures of your adventures!

My Favorite Trip
How to Pack a Suitcase
My Travel Bucket List
Travel Essentials for Your Holiday Trip
Things to Do In {City Name}
10 Babymoon Ideas on a Budget
12 Tips for Traveling With Your Child
The Ultimate Gift Guide for Travel Junkies
How to Take Amazing Photos On Your Next Trip
What to Pack for a Beach Vacation
Food and Drink

Food and drink blogs are super popular but they don’t have to be focused on only recipes.

You can do round-up posts of recipes ideas from other sites or recommend your favorite kitchen tools.

Check out these lifestyle post ideas for food and drink:

My Favorite Coffee Recipes
15 Easy Dessert Ideas
Slow Cooker Recipes for Lazy Nights
22 Delicious Recipes With Less Than 5 Ingredients!
Seasonal Dish Ideas for Every Holiday
How to Meal Plan and Save Money On Your Groceries
Photography Tips for Food Bloggers
Potluck Meal Ideas for Your Next Gathering
6 Holiday Drink Ideas To Wow Your Guests
Easy Cake Recipes For Your Next Celebration
Family and Parenting

This topic is a biggy and you can really take the family and parenting niche anywhere!

To get you started, here are some family and parenting lifestyle post ideas:

Marriage Advice for Tired Parents
Things I Wish I Knew (Before I Became a Mom)
My Stay-at-Home Mom Routine
10 Ideas for a Fun-filled Family Day
The Best Techniques for Burping a Baby
How to Start Cloth Diapering: A Step-by-Step Guide
15 Essentials for New Parents
How to Make Time For Your Family
Date Night Ideas for Busy Parents
How to Balance Your Career and Motherhood
Health and Wellness

This niche is also huge but if you can add a personal spin to the topic you can really draw in people who want to relate with you.

Be honest with your journey so you can provide others with inspiration!

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget
8 Yoga Poses to Help You Feel Energized
Healthy Lunch Ideas to Take to Work
How to Diet Without Dieting
12 Delicious Smoothie Recipes to Boost Your Energy
My Nightly Self-Care Routine For Great Sleep
Should You Take Supplements? Here’s What the Science Says
How I Reached My Health Goals (And How You Can Too!)
20 Tips to Reduce Stress in Your Life
How Natural Cleaners Can Improve Your Health
Fitness and Weight Loss

This niche is kind of like health and wellness but with a more narrow focus on exercise and weight loss.

Again, give your readers a reason to relate with you and these can be very successful lifestyle post ideas:

My Daily Fitness Routine
10 Easy Workout Routines You Can Fit Into Your Schedule
How a Full-Body Workout Can Help You Lose Your Belly Fat
Workout Routines for Stay-at-Home Moms
Cardio or Strength Training? Which One Works Best?
The Beginner’s Guide to Working Out: Where to Start
How to Stick To Your Workout Routine While Traveling
Can Counting Calories Help You Lose Weight?
The Best Fitness Tracker Apps for Your Smartphone
Printable Workout Routines and Habit Tracker
Money and Finance

If you haven’t noticed a trend yet with these topics, here it is: Many lifestyle blog posts are written to build a connection between the blogger and the reader.

You want your audience to see what you have done and how you have succeeded and then try it in their own life.

That’s why money and finance is a huge niche as well!

How I Save Money Every Month (And How You Can Too!)
14 Ways to Save Money on Your Groceries
The One Frugal Living Hack That Will Save You Money
The Top Money Saving Apps to Help You Budget
No-Spend Activities for a Fun-Filled Weekend!
How to Pay Off Your Student Loan in 3 Years
How to Plan For Your Retirement (It’s Never too Early!)
15 Side Hustles You Should Check Out (To Make Money From Home)
Saving and Investing Tips From the Experts
How to Start a Vacation Fund (And Take the Trip of Your Dreams!)

Home Decor

If you’re a millennial like me, you grew up watching every home design show on TLC!

Many homeowners hit the web looking for ways to make their living space unique.

How to Properly Measure for Curtains: A Step-by-Step Guide
The Best Pendant Lights For Your Kitchen
Is Your Bathroom Ready for a Facelift? 8 Cheap Upgrades That Won’t Break the Bank
Trendy Bedroom Color Schemes for {Year}
Check Out My Livingroom Makeover! You’ll Love These Ideas
How to Be a Minimalist (And Clear Out Your Space)
12 Storage Ideas to Organize Your Home
Table Setting Ideas For Every Holiday
How to Choose a Design Theme for Your Home
8 Children’s Room Designs That You’ll Love!
DIY and Crafts

Crafts aren’t just for kids! The DIY and crafts niche for adults has exploded in the last few years and these types of blogs are highly successful.

That’s not to say you can’t write about kids’ crafts – they’re fun too!

10 DIY Ideas For Your Kid’s Next School Project
Must-Have Craft Tools for Your DIY Projects
Tips for Refurbishing Old Furniture
12 DIY Home Decor Ideas on a Budget
My Favorite Craft Blogs for Awesome DIY Ideas
Simple Holiday Craft Ideas for Toddlers
Homemade Gift Ideas Your Friends and Family Will Love
How to Use Recycled Items in Your Next DIY Project
8 Old-School Crafts That Are Making a Comeback
The Best Online Stores to Buy Craft Supplies
Movies and Television

You don’t have to be a Hollywood reporter to gain a massive audience with a movie and television blog.

Use these lifestyle post ideas to share your passion for all things cinema:

The Best Classic Movies You Must See
Have You Seen {Movie Name}? Let Me Tell You What I Think
The Top 10 Shows On Netflix You Need to Binge Right Now
10 Things You Didn’t Know About {Movie Star}
Why 80’s Christmas Movies Are the Best Christmas Movies
12 Actors You Didn’t Know Were On Your Favorite TV Shows
What’s New in {Year}? 10 Exciting Movies Hitting the Theaters Next Year!
How to Host a Movie Night At Home
Still Have DVDs and Blurays? How to Organize Your Movie Collection
The Best Streaming Services for Your Favorite Movies and Shows
Special Events

When you’re faced with planning a birthday or wedding, what do you do first? You probably hit the internet looking for ideas.

Blogs that focus on special events are great because they provide valuable ideas and inspiration to their readers.

Here are some lifestyle post ideas for special events:

10 Birthday Celebration Ideas for Grown-Ups
Graduation Gift Ideas for High School Seniors
Saying Goodbye? How to Throw the Best Farewell Party
The Latest Wedding Bouquet Trends for {Year}
How to Plan Your Wedding: The Ultimate Guide
Gift Ideas For Your Mom/Dad
How to Take Amazing Photos At Your Next Special Event
8 Simple Dessert Ideas for Your Kid’s Birthday (That Aren’t Cake)
Smash Cake Ideas for Your Little One’s First Birthday
15 Unique Table Favor Ideas For Your Wedding

When you have a blog that focuses on hobbies, you’re probably going to end up focusing on a hobby or two in particular – but that doesn’t mean you can’t come up with some lifestyle posts about hobbies!

Here are some to get you started:

Cheap and Fun Hobby Ideas to Beat the Winter Blues
10 Hobbies You Can Enjoy Outdoors in the Summer
How to Monetize Your Hobby and Make Money From Home
How to Find a New Hobby That You’ll Enjoy
{Hobby} 101: How to Start {Hobby}
8 Hobbies That Will Help You Get in Shape
The Top Coloring Apps for Your Smartphone
5 YouTube Channels to Check Out if You Love {Hobby}
12 Tips for Budding Photographers
Have You Ever Tried Woodworking? This Hobby is Surprisingly Fun!

Just when you think technology can’t get any more interesting, something new and exciting always seems to pop up (Meta-Verse, anyone?).

If you love staying on top of technology trends, here are some lifestyle post ideas for the technology niche:

8 Gadgets You Have to Check Out This Year
The Best Laptops for {Writers, Graphic Designers, Gamers, etc.}
Food Delivery Apps You Should Have On Your Phone
The Best Practical and Affordable Smartphones
5 Zoom Hacks You Need to Know
How Safe is Social Media? Everything You Need to Know About Facebook and Security
The Top Gaming Consoles of {Year}
Are You Ready for the Meta-Verse? What We Know So Far
What is Cryptocurrency and How Does It Work?
Educational Apps That Will Help Your Child Learn

From dogs to cats, and rats to birds, many people consider their pets to be part of the family.

As a pet blogger, you can really explore this topic and provide information and tips for different types of pet species.

The Best Cat Litter You Should Buy (And Where to Get the Best Deal)
8 Signs That Your Pet Isn’t Feeling Well
Must-Have Dog Toys of {Year}
The Importance of Neutering Your Pets
Fish Tank Maintenance 101
12 Tips to Help House Train Your Pup
What is My Cat Telling Me? How to Read Your Cat’s Body Language
The Importance of a Proper Diet: What to Feed Your Pets
Getting a New Kitten/Puppy? Here’s What You’ll Need!
Should You Leave Your Pets Alone? 10 Tips For When You Are Away

Do you love to Garden? If so, then gardening might be the perfect lifestyle Niche for you.

From apartment gardening tips to the best shoes to wear, there is no shortage of Lifestyle blog post ideas for you.

25 Shade-Loving Plants for Your Apartment
How to Set Up a Hydroponic System in Your Basement<
15 Garden Tools you Absolutely Need for Your Garden
What Are the Best Garden Shoes?
How to Plant Strawberries and Other Berries
Five Things to Remember When Mowing Your Lawn
>How to Grow Basil and Other Herbs in Your Kitchen>
How to Get Started with Gardening For the First Time
How to Set up Trellises for your Peapods
6 Mistakes You’re Making in Your Garden

You’ll see Pinworthy minimalistic living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and more wherever you look on Pinterest, amiright?

With the abundance of Pins, you see everywhere, having a lifestyle blog dedicated to minimalist style will quickly help you grow your traffic.

Here are some lifestyle blog post ideas for you. 

5 Ways to Create a Minimalist Lifestyle
How to Erase Slowness in Your Life Every Day
 The Secret to Creating a Morning Routine You’ll Love
 How to Get Your Kids Involved When Decluttering Their Rooms
25 ways to reduce your food waste right now
15 Breathing Techniques You Need at the End of Each Day
 How to Minimize Your Closet Clutter in 5 Easy Steps
 How to Minimize Your Bathroom Clutter in 3 Easy Steps
 How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe to Minimize Spending Habits
How to Develop Mindful Buying and Gifting Habits

I don’t know about you, but I love following influencers on Instagram.

Their Instagram feed has gorgeous pictures that I love looking at and liking.

If you enjoy that lifestyle or want to become an influencer, why not create lifestyle blog post ideas for your audience. 

Bonus points if you turn these lifestyle blog post ideas into videos.

30 Influencers You Need to Follow on Instagram
 How to Become an Influencer With a Small Following
 Follow these Influencer Habits to Grow Your Instagram Following
50 Instagram Reel Ideas Inspired by Influencers
 How Kids Can Become Influencers Safely
I Followed Kylie Jenner’s Everyday Makeup Tutorial and This is What Happened 
I Read Every Book Harry Styles Recommended to His Followers
The Top 10 Tik-Tok Influencers You Need to Know (+ How Much They Earn)
I Cooked Every Recipe in Rachel Ray’s New Cookbook
I Tried Following a Nikkie Tutorials Makeup Routine

Everywhere you look, there’s a YouTuber around.

My twins love to watch YouTubers doing funny stunts, sharing fun art tutorials, or playing with toys.

If you’re YouTuber or you like video marketing, why not create lifestyle blog post ideas? 

The Top Five Highest-Earning YouTubers in (Year)
Best Kid Activity YouTube Channel for Children Under 10 Years Old
The Equipment I Use to Make YouTube Videos
What Is The Best Ring Light for YouTube Videos?
What Is The Best Camera to Make YouTube Videos?
How to Use Final Cut Pro to Make Beautiful YouTube Videos
How to Add Transitions in Your YouTube Videos for More Engagement
How to Make a YouTube Thumbnail That Drives Clicks
How Much YouTube Paid Me for 8,000 Subscribers
How I Generated 1,000 Youtube Subscribers in One Month
Kid Activities

Kid activity blogs are a rage right now.

With everyone at home or working from home, finding activities for your children is never-ending.

As a lifestyle blogger, you can find lifestyle blog post ideas to help your family and help other families with little kids. 

140 Indoor Activities to Do On a Rainy Day
15 Slimy Activities Your Kids Can Do Right Now
120 Sensory Box Ideas Your Toddler Will Love
How to Make a Fairy Garden for Your Child
25 Unicorn Birthday Ideas for 9-Year Old Girls
Minecraft Birthday Ideas for 9-Year Old Boys
40 Fine Motor Activities to Build Toddler Dexterity
25 Gross Motor Activities to Build Toddler Coordination
15 Park Activities for When Your Child is Bored
25 Sharing Games for Siblings Who Fight

Whether you’re pregnant or were pregnant, having a pregnancy lifestyle blog can bring in tons of pin traffic.

My other site Smart Mom Ideas is a pregnancy and postpartum blog that generates 100,000 page views, mostly from Pinterest.

Check out these lifestyle blog ideas if you are in the pregnancy niche. 

13 Things You Need to Know Before You Give Girth
6 Best Breast Pump for Under $100
When to Use Donor Milk When You’re Breastfeeding
What to Expect in The Third Trimester
What to Expect in Your Second Trimester
What to Expect in Your First Trimester
5 Reasons to Have a Natural Birth
What Happens When Your Birth Plan Fails?
 What to Expect on Your First Prenatal Visit
25 Things Your Newborn Needs Before You Give Birth
Frugal Living

With more and more people quitting jobs or being fired, it’s more important than ever to save money and live a frugal life.

Having a frugal lifestyle blog is a trendy niche on Pinterest and easily brings you Pinterest traffic.

Check out these lifestyle blog ideas for frugal living. 

How to Feed a Large Family With Only $125 a Week
 25 Dump And Go Recipes That Cost Less Than $5 Each to Make
55 Ways to Save Money When You Live on One Income
How to Live on One Income and Not Be Broke
How to Budget for a Baby When You Work from Home
23 Things to Sell in Facebook Marketplaces
What Is the Best Streaming Services that Isn’t Netflix?
20 Apps to Help You Get Out of Debt
5 Ways to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early and Save Thousands
How to Set Up an Emergency Fund Even When Your Paycheck is Stretched Thin

If your mom, then you know how hard it is to keep your house organized with little people running around.

If you are likely to organize (and enjoy it), why not set up a lifestyle blog and help others with your lifestyle blog post ideas on organizing their home or their life. 

6 Tips to Organize Your Craft Room
How to Create the Perfect Laundry System
How to Organize Paper, Legos, and Anything with A lot of Stuff Around Your House
Follow the 6 Secrets to a Tidy Home (You Won’t Believe Number 2)
How to Teach Your Child to Clean Up Their Room
10 Chores Your 7-Year Old Can Do
5 Small Space Storage Solutions You Need to Know Right Now
16 Store Organizing Ideas to Have in the Kitchen
How to Create a Digital Planner for Your Day
My Pantry Makeover Tips
Personal Development

 Everyone wants to improve on themselves, right? I know I want to work on being more intentional throughout my day.

Having a personal development or motivational type of Lifestyle blog is perfect for people just like me and others around.

Check out these lifestyle blog post ideas to write about personal development. 

Five Inspirational TED Talks You Need to Know About
The Best Personal Development Books for (Year)
30 Habits that will Change Your Life
How to Create a Personal Development Plan You Follow
55 Personal Development Goals to Help You Have a Better Life
15 Personal Development Podcasts You Should Care About
The Easy Way to Stop Being Lazy and Live the Life You Want
110 Tiny Ways to Improve Your Life
How to Become Mentally Stronger: My Story
30 Ways to Get Unstuck
Self Care for Moms

Self care is a popular lifestyle topic on Pinterest and Google.

If you’re a mom, you can speak to other moms and help them with their self-care routines.

Here are 10 lifestyle blog post ideas about self-care. 

How to Create a Self Care routine when You’re a Mom to Twins
The One Thing You Need for Your Self Care Routine
5 Ways to Have Time for Yourself Before the Kids Wake Up
10 Self Care Rituals You Can do Every Day
How to Have a Self-Care Shower Ritual
25 Inspirational Quotes for When You Have a Bad Day
Free Self Care Toolkit Printable
40 Self Care Bullet Journal Prompts
10 Best Self Care Products for (Year)
My Luxurious Bedtime Routine to Revitalize and Energize Me for the Next Day
Are You Ready to Get Started With These Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas?

I think 231 is a good place to start! 

I even have more lifestyle content ideas here!

No matter your niche, remember that you can always expand on blog post ideas to create new ones and fill your blog with amazing content.

Do you have any lifestyle blog post ideas you’d love to share?

I’d love to hear them! Drop them in the comments below.